Our company, which we established in 2009 with great hopes, continues its path confidently.

In 2017 our company has been focusing on wholesale since the first day of its establishment and started to produce 2.5 million cardboard cups per day in various sizes in order to provide the necessary support to our customers with reasonable price, roficiency in service and honest ethics.

By using high technologic equipment and devices during our production we are able to produceall cup sizes within one single printing and cutting machine for the first time in Turkey. By making our investments on time, we respond to our customers more quickly and effectively.

Our aim is to provide services to our esteemed customers who trust our product quality and our company without compromising our quality and service while representing our country abroad.

Short and medium term target ; In order to add value to our customers, to achieve an effective and noticeable growth by institu tionalizing with an effective organizational structure.

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